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'Ali Mae's Garden'...In October of 2010, the Boston Higashi School for Autism along with faculty, family, and friends, dedicated a beautiful garden in Alison Mae's memory, from funds donated to  the  school  in  their  fellow  teacher's  name. 
  The design  includes granite benches, a waterfall, and a tasteful selection of plants and shrubs  worthy  of   any gardening  enthusiast. Working  in  the  yard  was always her  mother Wendy's  passion,  and Alison was quickly showing an interest in plantings  herself,  often  taking  snippings  with  her  after  visiting  family. 
  But most important,  it will be a place where students can meet and relax, and  enjoy  the  outdoors  for  a   time,  putting  aside  the  stresses  and demands of  the day.  The  school's  grounds  are beautiful and it is our hope that 'Ali Mae's Garden'  will  promote  more  outdoor  activity,  and  maybe  even stir up some interest in plants and gardening!
  AMRMF  and its volunteers  are  committed  to the upkeep and preservation of 'Ali Mae's Garden' through portions of funds generated through  our  yearly  fundraising  efforts at our annual 'Ali Mae's Garden Party',  which shall be advertised and held after Labor Day each year at a venue in the  Greater Boston  area.  Take time & stop by the Boston Higashi School on Rte-28 in Randolph, MA, and visit Ali Mae's Garden...and maybe even make a wish to the Dragonfly!!

'Ali Mae's Garden Party 2018'
55 Halet Street, Boston
Friday, September 21st, 2018 
7:00pm to Midnight

$35 Donation pre-event/$40 at the door.



Also featuring MARK & WENDY  and  FIL PACINO!!

*DONATE ONLINE!!    AMRMF now offers the option to make ticket purchases and donations online. Just click 
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Ali Mae's Garden ~ Dedicated October 2010
Boston Higashi School ~ No. Main Street, Randolph, MA

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