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AMRMF  'Making a difference'!

Some of the Masai children that attend Tarangire Primary School in Tanzania, Africa. AMRMF donated 82 school desks, 3 teacher's desks, 2 commercial smokeless cookers, and a set of commercial cooking pots in 2012! The smokless cookers use only 3 pieces of wood per day, and effectively eliminate smoke and monoxide emissions. Since AMRMF's donations, the Masai have commenced building a thatched cafeteria for their school lunch program, and were actually making the mud bricks when Ricky was there. School representatives report that enrollment is up over 100 students since the desks arrived! The teachers are pleased with their locked drawers, and the children thrilled to no longer have to sit
4 and 5 students at a desk! A magic moment seeing the many happy kid's faces!

AMRMF donated the funds to purchase kitchen equipment for the new Bistro at GROW Associates' new facility in Randolph, MA.

AMRMF donated 450 silk screened t-shirts to the Tarangire Primary School's clothing drive, in Tanzania, Africa.

AMRMF donated the funds to purchase & install new security doors and drainage pipes for the Shao Ping Dian Primary School's new kindegarten in Xian, China.

(Above) AMRMF donated the funds to purchase IPADs for some of the students at the New England Center For Children in Southborough, MA, a Non-Profit organization that caters to the educational and life-skill needs of Austistic children.

The Boston Higashi School For Autistic Kids' new Popcorn Machine, donated by AMRMF in the Summer of 2014.

 In January 2014, AMRMF donated the funds to sponsor the 'Happy Readers' program at St. Mary's Primary School, situated in Lukosi, near Hwang in Zimbabwe, Africa. 'Happy Readers' educational books is a complete educational program created specifically for the children of Africa to help overcome reading barriers arising from the lack of appropriate and affordable reading materials. 'Happy Readers' uses familiar African animals as characters, and stories are set in recognizable rural and urban African locations.
All the students and teaching faculty extend their warm thanks to the AMRMF family for this contribution to the school, and the children's educational needs. 

Students at 'Escuela Proyecto La Esperanza' in Jocotenango, Guatamala display some of the supplies donated in February, 2015 by AMRMF in partnership with Grand Circle Foundation, for their Science Program.  Scientific calculators, Spanish-Kaqchikel dictionaries (Mayan language), Microscope, 25 copies of 10 different Spanish novels, and other related items to assist the school in improving student's literacy skills, and their understanding of the sciences.
Teachers & Students at the 'Richard J. Murphy School' in Dorchester, MA pose in the courtyard with an 'Ali Was Here' poster as thanks for the school supplies dontated by AMRMF to their Special Needs Program in January, 2015.

2018: Children at the Changarwe Primary School in Karatu, Tanzania are happy to learn of their new lunch program!! A small Maasai school quite near the plains of the infamous Serengeti, AMRMF is donating the funds to renovate their kitchen, including a new roof. Like the Tarangire Primary School in 2012, AMRMF is also donating two commercial Smokeless Cookers with aluminum pots and pans for the cooking of maze and other nutritious meals. Under 50% of the students passed the exam to enter high school in 2017, as few would return to school after lunch. Hopefully that will change soon!!! Thanks you again to Sandra Vaughan in Tanzania & Grand Circle Foudation!

A young lad standing by a picture of Ali Mae on the wall at the Orchard Park Foundation's Charter School
in Dorchester, Massachusetts, in June of 2018.  AMRMF is proud to have donated the funds to purchase much needed school supplies geared to children with learning disabilities. Another great program 'under the radar'!!
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